Women in movies should not just have the item grill: Sonia Hussein


Pakistani actress Sonia Hussain has said that women should not be just an item girls in films.


In an interview with a private news site, Sonia Hussein talked about her showbiz career and industry about her expectations.


Sonia Hussein said on playing a dangerous role in ‘Dadal’ that people like him in such a role and he considers him fortunate that he has such roles.


He said that before the film, he had only raised a toy gun in childhood, but because of ‘Dadal’, he had the opportunity to learn to use the gun.


Regarding the romantic role, the actress said that she had played a romantic role in the movie Touch Button’ some time ago.


Sonia Hussein said that she not only came to become the heroin in the industry but she wanted to convey a message of change in society and that women should not be just an item girl in films.

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