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Pathan Movie Review: Shahrukh’s stylish action and Deepika’s Glamor Patha Pathanpathan: For those who objected to the saffron bikini worn by Deepika Padukone, the songs played in the film Pathan have been left in the Lurch as the colour of the bikini has not been changed. And for this, the sensor board can be appreciated. The Raja of Bollywood from Pathan, whom Shah Rukh Khan has returned to the big screen after 4 years. For his return, he chose director Siddharth Anand, whose previous film ‘War’ bombed the box office. SRK has been pinning hopes for such success on Pathan because, in the last few years, his stardom has been bad.

Siddharth Anand creates a cinema that is stylish and soothing for the eyes. The action scenes of his films have a touch of modernity and present hero-heroin in a very glamorous way. In the context of the story and script, they are not so good, but there is an improvement in the case of ‘Pathan’.

Yash Raj Films, who has been making films for 50 years, has made ‘The Spy Universe’. Salman Khan’s characters as Tiger and Hrithik Roshan have been introduced to the audience through A Tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda Hai as Kabir. Shah Rukh Khan’s character Pathan has also been added to this list. All three are engaged in a campaign to save India.


A field agent named Pathan is remembered when a dangerous terrorist group warned of an attack on India called Outfit X. This group only works on a contract basis and has no specific agenda. Its leader is Jim (John Abraham). Pathan has been tasked to detect the horrific designs of the gym and thwart their attack. This single Pathan is heavy at a hundred, but the gym is no less than that. When the Pathan leaves for the mission, he meets a Pakistani agent Rubina (Deepika Padukone). That too on a particular purpose.

Siddharth Anand’s story is straight and simple, but the way the scriptwriter Sridhar Raghavan has layered it makes the film attractive. From time to time, information is given about the characters, in which the film is engaged most of the time, such as the connection with India, why he became such a dangerous terrorist, and why Pathan is considered so capable. Hai, what is they did in the past whether the missions were done, the story has been taken forward with the help of these incidents. Sridhar Raghavan has given two-three such ups and downs in the script, which surprises the audience. In addition, the excellent position created by Salman Khan’s entry as a tiger enhances Salman’s stardom and in that case, the need for a giant star is felt.

The film runs at a stormy pace until the interval and later the graph of the film comes down which becomes stable in the climax. During this time, when John’s dangerous intentions are revealed, the audience is a bit disappointed because the ‘virus attack’ formula now seems very old and many films have been made on it.

If something new were introduced in the story here, the film level would have increased. In addition, the way the dialogue regarding ‘Bharat Mata’ has been held, they seem out of the situation. By working with Indian and Pakistani agents, I miss the ‘Tiger’ series of films made by this banner.

Pathan and Rubina draw a major successor in Moscow which becomes very easy. There was complete scope to create enthusiasm here, but the author and director could not create that effect. Director Siddharth Anand’s presentation is impossible for KGF from Mission. They have kept the scenes meeting with many blockbuster films together. He has given momentum to the film by keeping action scenes in fewer intervals. Siddharth presents his hero-heroin very beautifully and stylishly and does it brilliantly in Pathan. Deepika looks very attractive, John Abraham and Shah Rukh Khan have also shown her body.

He is also known for shooting his films in beautiful places and Pathan has been shot in many countries including Spain, Siberia, Dubai, Russia and France.

In the name of cinema, Siddharth has taken a lot of leaves and has crossed the border in some scenes, but the action scenes are so stylish that viewers can ignore these things. Action sequences use cars, bikes and helicopters with modern weapons. Even if it does not satisfy, Shah Rukh and John fight while flying with wings.

Siddharth Anand has completed the shortcomings of the script with his action sequence. Since Pathan is designed as an action film and it is also its USP, action-style lovers will like this film.

Shah Rukh Khan plays his character in a restrained way, he does not try hard to make him stand out, so he looks good and at the same time, other characters also get a chance to shine in the film. He has been fantastic in the action sequence and has pleased his fans by donating an action avatar. Deepika Padukone looks very glamorous and beautiful. He has been given enough opportunities for acting, action and dance by the director and has taken full advantage of this. His pairing with Shah Rukh Khan has always been good.



In negative character, John Abraham leaves more impact with his appearance and personality than acting. He got the role of Amrish Puri, but he could not act like Amrish Puri. In the action sequence, he gives Shah Rukh Khan a difficult battle. Dimple Kapadia and Ashutosh Rana are experienced actors and it was not difficult for him to play such a role. Salman Khan’s loud entry and his small role leave a deep impact.

The role of action directors in the action film is very important. The work of KC O’Neel, Craig McCre and Sunil Rodrigues is commendable. He looks gorgeous and his cleanliness is also visible in him.

Sachit Polos’s cinematography combines the grandeur of the film. Both songs are well composed by Choreography by Vishaal Shekhar and Vaibhavi Merchant and Bosco Caesar, making the songs repeatedly watching. Abbas Tirewala’s dialogues could have been better. Aditya Chopra has not shown Skimp anywhere as a producer.

Pathan’s story is regular, but the way to present it makes the film special.

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