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Kisi ka bhai Kisi ki Jaan full review in Hindi: Before watching Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s most awaited film ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Ki Jaan’, please read this review.


Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan: Salman Khan’s film “Kisi Ka Bhai Ki Jaan” has been released in the theatre. In this film, Pooja Hegde is playing the lead role with Salman. Apart from Salman Khan, Pooja, many actors like Satish Kaushik, Venkatesh Asif Sheikh, Siddharth Nigam, Shahnaz Gill, Raghav Juyal, Vinali and Palak Tiwari are included in this film. If you want to watch Salman Khan’s film this weekend, then read this review.




This is the story of Bhaijaan (Salman Khan), who lives in Delhi and does not marry because of the responsibility of his three brothers. The reason for not getting married is that brother does not want any woman to separate them from their brother Luv (Siddharth Nigam), Moh (Jassi Gill) and Ishq (Raghav Juyal). But all three of them fall in love with their brother secretly.


Now instead of accepting their love in front of their brother, these three go out to find their brother’s love. However, this mission ends before it starts and then Bhagyalakshmi (Pooja Hegde) comes into her life. Will the silent families of Violent Bhai and Bhagyalakshmi be able to be one or the story of both or the story of both? To know its interesting story, you have to see ‘someone’s brother someone’s life’.


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Somebody’s brother is a writer and director of someone’s life, Farhad Samaji. Talking to the story’s point of view, despite the story being known, the changes made in the script (Remke of Veeram) keep us connected to the film till the last scene. The action, comedy, song and pain seen in the film in the beginning 10 minutes of the beginning guarantees that the film will be full of entertainment. The love of Bhaijaan’s family and his brothers is the soul of this story, Farhad Samaji has also awakened the feeling of love even in action and comedy.




The music of the film is bang. Songs like Cats or Ventumma are making a lot of rocking in the theatre. Along with songs, the background score is also very effective. Whether it is revealed by Rawadi Anna, or Salman’s switch to action from romance, music has been used effectively in every scene and transformation.



Changes seen in North and South with Delhi and Hyderabad have been shown very beautifully from the eyes of a separate location camera. However, Bhaijaan’s locality reminds me of some old sets. A lot of advance shots have been used for the action scene, for those who like action, it will be very fun to see it.


What is special

In this film, we also collide with Bhagyashree at one point, Venkatesh’s entry kills the second half of the story. The screen presence of Ram Charan is also amazing. To date, many times, Bollywood films typically reflect South families, but this film is far from that kind of gimmick.




This film is a completely Salman Khan film. Salman is making his fans happy with his three looks and six-packs. The chemistry between Salman Khan and Pooja is quite natural. Palak Tiwari’s expression and acting are affected by the 6 new faces seen in the film. Siddharth Nigam, Raghav and Jassi Gill are giving justice to their role. Shahnaz Gill could not show anything special in this film. Venkatesh’s character is strong. Rohini Hattangadi has also killed her character with her brilliant performance.


What is missing

Shahnaz Gill needs to work on his dictionary. Despite having a good script, some dialogues and actions seem away from logic. There are some scenes in the climax of this film, which are predictable and even if they were not, the work would have gone. Therefore, brownie points usually found in the climax cannot be found in this film. Where the Telugu language has been used, there were subtitles, then it would have become easy to understand.




This film can be called Old School film in today’s language. But such films have their audience, which has reduced the theatre to going after Corona. This film can bring that kind of audience to the theatre once again. Because even though the hero of this film fights like a superhero, in the second moment he connects with the audience like a common man.


Why see


The film is a Bollywood masala film that can be enjoyed with the family by going to the audience theatre, this film also has a good story with drama, emotions, action, twists and a lot of comedy, which you can also have for a moment Does not bore


Why not see

If you do not like watching Bollywood movies, then this film is not for you. Those who do not like the fight and action of South Style can skip this film.

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